First Project: Acrylic on Canvas

So, with the house closing coming up soon, Tim and I made a decision that we would spend VERY minimal money on anything for decorating, so I started searching around the house for some projects that I can be working on before we move in. We made a definitive decision that the “Great Room” area would be painted a Middle Gray tone, and the color scheme would be Grays, Crisp Whites, Navy, Light blues/teals, and pops of yellow.

Because I’m a sucker for a good story, I decided that I wanted certain pieces in our new home to be based on the “Lights will guide you home” theme, so I got creative, and found an old canvas that I had ruined a few months ago and decided that I would repurpose it into some new artwork.

I started with a gray, black, and royal blue acrylic paint (Basics Brand), mixing a navy out of three that I liked, and covered the canvas with the gray and navy paint using the same brush, causing a weathered look for the backdrop.

I then taped off the edges of the canvas with regular old scotch tape (I would recommend painter’s tape, but in my devotion to a completely free project, I just used what I had…) I taped the edges of the canvas off 3 strips thick beginning right along the edges of the canvas making a frame around the edges, being extremely careful about making sure they are straight, and that the tape is completely flush the the canvas. I then removed the inner strips of tape, making a frame.

I then swirled some Gesso in the frame with a small brush, so that the frame would have more texture over the rest of the canvas.

To make the white really pop, after the gesso dried, I painted 2 coats of white acrylic over the frame.

While the paint dried, I made a sketch of the lightbulb.

After it was dry, I removed the tape, revealing a beautiful frame!

I then cut out the sketch, and drew an outline of the bulb on to the canvas with a pencil.

I then filled in (rougher the edges the better) the white part of the bulb with the white paint.

I then outlined the bulb with a small brush, and tried to match my sketch as much as possible with black acrylic paint, making back and forth strokes for a little extra texture around the edges

I then took my little brush with a small amount of black paint (swiped first on the newspaper, then applied to the canvas) and roughly added some darkening texture the inside of the frame. And voila! My first project was done!  Hope you enjoyed! Can’t wait to put it up in the new house!


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