Meet My Newest Project, Umm…Chester. Yea. Chester works.

Ok, So I just wanted to show everyone one of my new little projects! I started by taking a big hunk of clay, rolling it between my hands until the lumps were out, and shaped the body and head, smoothing out the edges.

Using my thumbs, I pressed in his eye sockets until they were even. I rolled a small ball of clay for both eyes, and pressed flat into each eye socket to form the iris. I then rolled a TINY ball of clay for each eye, and pressed almost flat onto both iris’s to make the pupils.

For his wings, I flattened out a rectangular piece of clay and, using a toothpick, cut out symmetrical “leaf-like” shapes in both pieces, and pressed them against Chester’s side. I then took a toothpick and scored “feathers” into his wings, and smoothed out his eyes.

I formed his beak with a small triangular piece of clay and pressed it onto his little face, and scored his “feet” with a toothpick.

And Chester was formed! 🙂

I then decided to paint him black. (He didn’t want me to show you this, but this was him in his teenage “penguin stage.” 😉

I painted his body and wings black, and his beak and iris’s white. Then finished him up with painting his pupils black. I wanted to paint his beak amber-ish yellow, but I unfortunately didn’t have any yellow paint at home…for another day!

And he was finished! 🙂

And here’s a little bit of what might be going on the shelf with chester in the new house, but the walls will be gray and the shelf will be white, so he will look better in our new home! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great week! 🙂


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